Video Profile

Sourcing Profile

Searching a profile is made easy.


Video profile helps you to screen a profile.


It's free and easy to access, share and maintain profiles on our platform.


Is overcome by using unique ID of profiles for submission on a first come basis.

Select Process

Scheduling & Selection process

Our's is a open source scheduling and selection process with flexibility of sharing profiles to the next level and feedback of interviews.

Interview turnability

Interview 'No shows' feedback will be shown on profeesional profile and if 'No shows' are more than 2 times profile will be deactivated for a certain time duration.


All companies' statues of interview stages of a professional are shown by masking company names.

On Boarding


Negotiation is not required as the rate card is set by the professional in the initial stage itself.

Offer acceptance

'Offer acceptance' feedback will be shown on professional profile and if 'offer rejected' is more than 2 times, profile will be deactivated for a certain time duration.


On Job Training Vs MRE

Hire our MRE and ditch on job training.

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