Recruitment FAQ's

1. How much % does capacious charge for a permanent hire?

Ans: It will be mentioned in the contract.

2. Can contract engagement be closed without any notice?

Ans: Yes.

3. Benefits-


  • Our calender feature shows actively available Expert, reducing profile sourcing time.
  • Initial screening time is saved as out video profiling feature ensure authenticity, confidence and communication skills are disclosed.
  • You needn't maintain a database any worry about constantly updating it, as you will be using our huge active up-to-date database.
  • You needn't maintain separate trackers to notify the schedule interviews to the candidates and the company separately, an automated mail will be sent to all involved parties at every level of the interview process.
  • The authenticity and proficiency of the candidate is established in forms of video profile, feedback and rating from his previous booking in our platform.
  • Speed up the interview process by actively showing the different stages of interview by different companies of the same pofessional.
  • Negotiation process is skipped as the rate card is fixed by the Expert while creations of his/her profile.
4. Who runs the payroll?

Ans: Capacious.

5. Process of interview scheduling.

Ans: Mode of interview and the scheduled time is send to the Expert by the Recruitment firm, If the Expert is available he accepts else request for another time slot.