Become MRE Model FAQ's

1. What is MRE?

Ans: Any trained fresher who is ready for job is named as Market Ready Expert. For ex. Companies generally ask for trained freshers YoY to save their budget on trainings. Due to networking’s issues of many individual/institutes, these types of jobs are not very open, hence the freshers miss the opportunity and the companies missing freshers. So, we are trying to bridge that gap by enabling you as an MRE partner and companies as recruitment partners in our platform.

2. How much do I pay?

Ans: Just one-time payment of ₹700* + taxes as a platform service fee. A discount of ₹100 if you are registered with CAP referral ID. * Subject to change without notice.

3. What is CAP referral ID?

Ans: CAP ID is a unique ID generated for every registered user. Any ID passed in the referral ID section is called CAP referral ID.

4. How much is referral fee?

Ans: ₹100.

5. Can I Refer and what is the eligibility to refer?

Ans: As soon as your profile is activated, you will have a unique CAP ID generated which can be passed to your peers to make them registered.

6. Do I need to be a premium user to refer?

Ans: No. You can start referring as soon as you get CAP ID, but the person you refer must be a premium user in order to get the ₹100 referral fee.

7. When do I get the referral fee paid?

Ans: Within five working days from the day the premium amount collected by us.

8. What do a premium user gets?

Ans: Coaching by an Expert and certificate from Expert which bust your hiring chances as your Expert ID is tagged to your ID when the recruiter search for your profile.

9. What technologies GraduationtoJobs offers?

Ans: None. GraduationtoJobs is just a platform enables P2P connection and it doesn’t offer any courses by itself. Experts from technology background pick your profile to coach you.

10. What if I want coaching on a technology I prefer?

Ans: You cannot because a Fresher will never have a knowledge on any technology out there in the market which is good for your future. So we have created a platform where an Expert who is having the market knowledge pick you for coaching if you deem to be a right fit. For ex: BE(Civil) cannot do a Java programming in general.

11. How to choose a Course?

Ans: Premium Fresher will get a request from Experts/Coaches’ asking them to join their batch while giving an explanation or a demo on the technology along with its pros and cons.

12. Do I get to say NO when a coach request comes in?

Ans: Yes, you have the upper hand of either accepting or denying a coach based on your interest.

13. Can I reject a coach after the batch has started?

Ans: Yes, but only within the probation period, which is 15 days. You get to say “No” due to unsatisfactory coaching sessions or other issues with the coach.

14. How many courses can a freshers opt simultaneously in a period of time?

Ans: He can opt for only one course at a time.

15. Am I eligible to be selected by another coach immediately after denying other?

Ans: Yes, you are. But choose wisely because you will have to complete the course under the new coach as you cannot deny this coach under any circumstances.

16. When is the certification issued?

Ans: At the end of three months of coaching the trainer will provide the certification.

17. Where will I get trained?

Ans: Training mode will be solely decided by the coach.

18. Any specific hours of coaching per day?

Ans: Duration will be decided by the Coach which will be informed on the first day of the training.

19. Do we get any material for the training?

Ans: Yes, it's the coach's responsibility to provide all necessary documents/materials.

20. When would I be recognized as MRE?

Ans: After three months of training and certification you would be recognized as a Market Ready Expert.

21. Does Freshers have access to NERDSTORE?

Ans: NO.

22. What is Nerd store?

Ans: Where you can sell your technological stuff.

23. What are the benefits of PREMIUM to NON PREMIUM Fresher?

Ans: Only PRIMIUM NOVICE is eligible for coaching after 60 booking months.

24. What's the mode of pay?

Ans: The payment would be online through the mode of PAYPAL and you can pay through any banking mode (Debit card/Credit card).

25. Would the material shared with the freshers be available to him after the course ends?

Ans: Yes.

26. How do I change my account details?

Ans: Except the EMAIL ID, you can change all the details. For changes to EMAIL ID contact CAPACIOUS customer care.

27. How much qualified do I need to be?

Ans: You must be a GRADUATE at minimum.

28. Would the course include any testing sessions?

Ans: Your Coach decides.

29. Can a freshers transfer the course to another person?

Ans: NO.

30. Does the registration/course fee differ depending on its importance?

Ans: No, it would be constant ₹700.

31. What are the documents required for formal registration?

Ans: Everything related to this would be visible after you login to your account.