Make MRE Model FAQ's

What are the payment structures for coaching?

Ans: Expert has the choice to choose either take 100$ per Novice at the end of three months coaching period (OR) Take the lifelong benefit of earning 100$ per month per Market Ready Expert, every time your MRE is signed up for a job/role.

Can Novice take up Temporary job types?

Ans: Yes, they can.

How many batches can be coached, also size of each batch?

Ans: Only four batches per year. Maximum of Nine Novice per batch.

Where can they be coached?

Ans: A video conferencing link will be provided. Training mode will be solely decided by the coach.

Can coaching happen in person?

Ans: Yes, pick Novice likewise.

How to form a batch?

Ans: Filter and select from the list of Novice profile and send a get coached request.

Does a Novice have the right to accept/reject the get coached request?

Ans: Yes.

Dropping of coach or Novice possible after a certain time?

Ans: Yes, within the initial 15 days of probation period, either of them can quit/drop the coaching service in case of irregularities of the Novice or non-satisfactory coaching from the coach.

Coaching material mandatory?

Ans: Yes, it needs to be provided by the coach. In case you do not have it, buy from our Nerd store.

How the certification is done?

Ans: Novice will be certified by the Coach at the end of three months and become Market Ready Expert.

What if a Market Ready Expert doesn't get any bookings post coaching?

Ans: Capacious is not liable in any way as the freedom for picking Novice was given to the coach. Coaching by the coach must be good enough to place them.

Is the recurring money in life time model really lifetime?

Ans: Yes, as far as the Market Ready Expert is booked through us.

If a Novice left post 15 days probation period, dose the coach get any compensation?

Ans: Yes, it is paid only for the fee structure model.