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Purpose of community:

The Capacious community is formed for the Sr. IT professionals around the world who are believed to have foreseen the IT market uncertainty. The salary of 25+ LPA equivalent, in any currency, is set a norm to filter people who join this community as these professionals can add value towards winning business with their network and experience. However, any professional who have foreseen uncertainty want to be part of this community but chosen to be inactive but want to contribute for the future of this community and theirs are welcome too.

Purpose of membership form:

This form will help us to filter candidatures who seek membership to join the community. It will also help us to know how anyone can contribute towards the community growth and theirs based on the type of membership every individual opts for. This form will help us to identify people by region, by location, by role, by domain, by technology etc. We will create multiple closed WhatsApp groups to communicate based on the engagements that we work on.

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